Mermaid Sand  Filled Necklaces

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With the Magic of Mermaid Sand contained in dolphins or modern necklaces with Mermaid charms, Mermaid Sand filled jewelry continues to spread the Mermaid Sand magic that there is goodness and hope everywhere in this world.

Assembled with love along Florida's Emerald Coast, Mermaid Sand filled necklaces delight young girls, and girls young at heart. Appropriate for ages 4 - 104 yrs old, they embody the Secret of Mermaids.

In particular, the modern necklace with Mermaid Charm is a favorite of women looking to carry Mermaid power with them as they navigate the waters of daily life.​

The Secret of Mermaids: The true gift of a Mermaid is when she comes ashore she gifts us with a bit of her magic - with the sand she touches transforming to Mermaid Sand. ​And the magic is in the message that "there is goodness and hope everywhere in this world."

We have designed the Mermaid Sand filled jewelry so you can take that "goodness and hope" with you - and share the story when someone asks you about your beautiful and unique necklace.

Hint: We encourage our Mermaid Sand fans to arrange a time with the young ones in their lives by wearing their Mermaid Sand jewelry, reading Now I wish Upon A Pearl together, exploring the contents in Adaline's Treasure Bag and taking pictures or drawing their own mermaids, creating lasting memories and heart touching moments.​ Not in the same geographic location - we have a number of stories about phone parties and facetime! And yes, there are a number of of fans that are "girls young at heart." We celebrate you and say Mermaid On!

$12 for Mermaid Sand Filled Dolphin or Modern with Mermaid Charm - Please chose COLOR of cord  and STYLE below

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