This Mermaid book is written and illustrated to create beautiful memories and moments between you and the young girl or boy in your life!

A bright, colorful 36 page hardcover book in an easy to cradle and read size and format. The story is about Adaline the Mermaid and Suzanne, a land girl, growing up along Florida's Emerald Coast, catching glimpses of each other, wondering what it would be like to be the other girl. 

They travel with their families along the coast and inland, learning about their environment and history. As young adults they meet and discover their true gifts in life.

For Suzanne, she will learn how to write stories to help others understand how important it is we protect our coastal waters. For Adaline the Mermaid, her true gift is given when she comes ashore, she shares a bit of her magic with the sand she touches, transforming it to Mermaid Sand​ - with the magic in the message that there is "goodness and hope everywhere in this world."

Also inside you will find a glossary that includes information about manatees, starfish, manta ray and more. The map of where Adaline the Mermaid and Suzanne the girl travel with their family is also included!

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$20 for 36 page, full color hardback edition of Now I Wish Upon A Pearl, signed by Author & Illustrator Marjorie Schoelles

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