Now I Wish Upon A Pearl

Mermaid Book

Now I Wish Upon A Pearl, a 36 page full color hardback about Adaline the Mermaid & Suzanne the girl.

Mermaid treasure

Treasure Bag & Bottle

Treasure Bag

Adaline's Treasure Bag with a letter from the Mermaid to her friend and a treasure bottle. details...

Mermaid Sand Necklaces


Filled with magical Mermaid Sand, these playful dolphins or modern with mermaid charm carry the Secret of Mermaids.

Notecards w/Envelopes


Select illustrations from the book "Now I Wish Upon A Pearl" the set of 6 notecards are blank on the inside with an excerpt from the book on the back flap.

Free Bookmarks

We love our Mermaid Sand fans and hope you share us with others. Claim your 3 FREE bookmarks today - we mail them directly to you!

Inspiring & Fun Bracelets


Inspired nautical, love, infinity and best friend bracelets are fun and come in a variety of styles, including Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness with charms.